Boys Over Flowers

Boys Over Flowers

  • TV-14
  • 2009
  • 1 Season
  • Drama
SubtitlesVietnameseMalayKhmerSinhalaMandarin (Simplified)ThaiEnglishBurmeseIndonesianBurmese (Zawgyi)StarringLee Min-HoKu Hye-SeonKim Hyun-JoongKim BeomKim Jun
After saving a fellow student, ”common” girl Jan Di gets enrolled to the prestigious Shin Hwa High School, attended only by society’s most elite. There she meets the F4 -- four of the richest, and most spoiled boys in school. The leader of the F4 squad, Goo Joon Pyo immediately lock horns with Jan Di and she becomes a victim of their bullying. As time goes on, feelings change and they find themselves in a complicated love triangle....
Season 1

25 Episodes
Episode 1
1. Episode 1
National attention for saving a suicidal student's life gets common delivery girl Jan Di enrolled at the über-prestigious Shin Hwa High School, where she soon becomes the target of elitist bullies....
Episode 2
2. Episode 2
Jan Di's defiance against Joon Dyo's latest humiliation has a strange effect upon him. What she thinks begins to matter, but he's wholly at a loss what to make of her open disgust, believing it false....
Episode 3
3. Episode 3
The Mean Girls Trio only has eyes for Joon Pyo, who only has eyes for Jan Di, who only has eyes for Ji Hoo, who only has eyes for Seo Hyun, who has an important announcement....
Episode 4
4. Episode 4
When the student body acknowledges Jan Di as Joon Pye's official girlfriend (be they right or wrong), it sets wheels of betrayal in motion against Jan Di....
Episode 5
5. Episode 5
After dealing with Min Ji's betrayal, and officially declaring Jan Di his girlfriend, Joon Pye takes her and others to his private getaway in New Caledonia....
Episode 6
6. Episode 6
A triangle has definitely developed between Jan Di, Ji Hoo and Joon Pyo during their weekend getaway, but something may also be developing between Yi Jung and Ga Eul as well....
Episode 7
7. Episode 7
Joon Pyo's wise sister, Joon Hee, intervenes on behalf of her brother and his friends with a trial by three contests....
Episode 8
8. Episode 8
The competition ends, and after all is said and done, Ji Hoo asks Jan Di out on a date, but she finds herself thinking of Joon Pyo....
Episode 9
9. Episode 9
Having overnighted with Jan Di's family, Joon Pyo gets immersed in their commoner lifestyle and habits. Enjoyable, till an ungentlemanly charmer goes too far....
Episode 10
10. Episode 10
It's Valentine's Day, and upon seeing Joon Pyo making a public fool of himself, Kang Hee Soo takes actions to remove the Jan Di "weed" from his social garden....
Episode 11
11. Episode 11
A mysterious supermodel saves Jan Di from exploitative pornographers, but knowing him will put her in even greater danger....
Episode 12
12. Episode 12
Joon Pyo gets all bent out of shape over Jan Di losing another personal gift, neither aware that the item was purposefully stolen....
Episode 13
13. Episode 13
A hospital diagnosis strikes deeply at Jan Di. With Joon Pyo still away handling company business, Ji Hoo sees Jan Di through her low point....
Episode 14
14. Episode 14
Joining Jan Di in Macau, the rest of F4 intervene on her behalf, unaware that Joon Pyo's outward coldness masks a Devil's bargain made with Hee Soo....
Episode 15
15. Episode 15
Everybody wonders if the Joon Pyo/Jan Di relationship is truly over. Joon Pyo's latest birthday party affords them all hope toward finding out....
Episode 16
16. Episode 16
Sau sinh nhật, Jae Kyeong càng hứng thú với Jun Pyo, cô kết bạn với Jan Di. Dù vậy, Jan Di vẫn không thoải mái với Jae Kyeong. Yi Jung và Woobin thất bại trong việc tách Jae Kyeong khỏi Jun Pyo....
Episode 17
17. Episode 17
Memories of the past painfully haunt several people as Jae Kyung (still clueless) steps up efforts to woo the heart of Joon Pyo....
Episode 18
18. Episode 18
While self-destructive tendencies surface among the F4 members, Joon Pyo learns of Jan Di's injury and makes a "practice" move for independence....
Episode 19
19. Episode 19
A game of Truth or Dare and a chance meeting start striking at the heart of matters while Hee Soo launches another assault on Jan Di's world....
Episode 20
20. Episode 20
Homeless, Jan Di winds up as a maid in the Kang mansion, becoming Joon Pyo's personal servant....
Episode 21
21. Episode 21
Jae Kyung plans with Hee Soo to move up the wedding date, leaving Joon Pyo desperate for satisfactory ideas on how to get out of it....
Episode 22
22. Episode 22
The dreaded moment arrives for Joon Pyo and Jae Kyung to be locked together in holy matrimony, but someone decides not to hold their peace....
Episode 23
23. Episode 23
When Jan Di discovers Hee Soo targeting her friends and their families, she makes a hard but resolute decision....
Episode 24
24. Episode 24
An unpardonable lie infuriates Soo Hee's children, and a vengeance-minded man succeeds where Soo Hee failed....
Episode 25
25. Episode 25
The Joon Pyo/Jan Di/Ji Hoo love triangle finally resolves, with Jan Di's soulmate and her future husband made clear....