Tiada Esok Bagimu

Tiada Esok Bagimu

  • PG
  • 1980
  • 110mins
  • Drama
SubtitlesEnglishMalayStarringJins ShamsudinNoor KumalasariSarimah AhmadDirectorJins Shamsudin“Tiada Esok Bagimu” exposes the weaknesses prevalent amongst the upper echelons of-society, as seen through the lives of a minister, an architect and a lawyer, each of whom have different tastes and desires. The minister is seen to use his position to successfully get his way with a naive young girl. Meanwhile a young lawyer questions his family name and social status when it is revealed that he has been betrothed to a girl with a “tarnished reputation”. A young architect embraces Western ideologies and ignores his heritage and Malay artistic elements. Is this a true portrayal of the situation in the late 70’s? Now’s the chance to see for your self, as you watch this digitally remastered version of “Tiada Esok Bagimu” in HD (high-definition).