Menanti Hari Esok

Menanti Hari Esok

  • PG
  • 1997
  • 129mins
  • Drama
SubtitlesEnglishMalayStarringJins ShamsudinNoor KumalasariHail AmirDirectorJins ShamsudinA successful career and respect from those around you, doesn’t necessarily translate to success raising a family. This film touches upon how Talib, when faced with cancer, realises that despite successfully managing a school, he has failed to raise his own children in a similar manner. Realising that the failure was a result of the lack of good moral values and fundamentals of religion, will Talib be able to rectify his actions before succumbing to his fate? Find out… as you watch the digitally remastered version of this classic “Menanti Hair Esok” in HD (high-definition).